About Us

iTT is an environmental media and consulting agency.

Our Mission

At iTT we’re committed to being your go-to source for information on sustainability. We promise never to sell out our values for a quick buck. So, if want to learn more about how to live a more sustainable lifestyle, iTT has got you covered. Join us on our mission to make the world a better place, one sustainable step at a time!

We believe that sustainability has to be both practical and exciting so we aim to create a guilt-free space for collaboration and change. Our approach is grounded in science and reputable sources, but we are committed to making the information we provide accessible.

Glenn Harasym

Environmental Analyst

With a decade of advisory experience for governments and industries and a bachelor’s degree in environmental science, Glenn has seen all aspects of how humans help and harm our planet. He has worked on all types of projects from renewable energies, to nuclear, to mining, to sustainable buildings.

Here at iTT, Glenn provides in-depth looks at the environmental problems we currently face and the innovative solutions humans are using to tackle them.

Emily Thompson

Social Analyst

Emily is an expert on communities with over a decade of experience advising government bodies on policy, technology implementation, and process. She currently researches the intersection of environmental decline on our communities.

Her degrees in social work, feminist counselling, and community development help her technically assess problems and communicate solutions.